SM87 code package for plasma physics

Volume: 160 Kb
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    The calculational part of the package had been written by A.Kramida  at the Institute for Spectroscopy RAS, Troitsk,  Russia, in 1987-1988. The graphics outputs had been added by A.Schulz and F.Rosmey from Ruhr University, Bohum, Germany.

    SM87 is a program which calculates the dynamics of the micropinching process in a (Z-pinch)-like device. It is based on a "simple" plasma pinch dynamics model designed by V.V.Vikhrev, V.V.Ivanov an  K.N.Koshelev. This model had been extended to include the equations describing radiative energy losses from the plasma column in case of radiation trapping. Thus "SM" stands for "Simple Model"; "87" refers both to the 1987 year of birth of this program, and to the 8087 Intel processor for which it was originally written. The language used was Turbo Pascal from Borland.
      Basic assumptions of the model:

  1. The pinch is axially symmetrical.
  2. The ion and electron temperatures are equal.
  3. The coronal ionization equilibrium holds on.
  4. The particles density distribution is radially uniform.
  5. During the compression of the "neck" its aspect ratio alfa=(hight/radius) is supposed to keep constant.
  6. The current density is also radially uniform, except for the initial stage in case of a gas-puff device without preionization. In this case (stage st=0) it is supposed that in the beginning of the discharge the current flows only through the thin outer ionized shell. The temperature, ions and electrons density in the shell become to change, but the parameters of the neutral core remain constant. Then the inner bound of the shell goes to the axis. When the shock wave arrives to the axis, all plasma column becomes ionized and uniform in density and temperature. In this stage (st=1) plasma radial motion is described by the velocity of the outer bound V, and inside the column radial velocities are proportional to radius.
  7. The ionization energy is not included in the energy balance equations. We included it in the version designed especially for Fe plasma and it appeared to have no significant effect on the final stage nor on the dynamics.
  8. As a mechanism of the anomalous heating we adopted generation of the lower-hybrid oscillations as suggested by V.V.Vikhrev. Formulas are explained in the text.
  9. Program starts with temperature T=1 eV. The pinching material may be a mixture of two components. The components may be either atomic or molecular. It is defined by introducing the correspondent value of mb (number of atoms in the molecule) in the "mixture parameters" menu. The starting total ion density, percentage of components, initial column radius may also be changed using menus.

  10. All results for early stages of compression (when T < 0.15*(Zn^2)) can be treated only as a very rough estimate because we had no good approximation for radiative energy losses in this temperature interval.

Download the package: here