List of selected publications of P.S.Antsiferov

1. Aglitsky E.V., Antsiferov P.S., Panin A.M. \\Experimental estimate of the lifetime of a hot spot in a low-inductance vacuum spark -Sov.J.Plasma Phys.__1985, v.11, No.10, p.726-727

2. Aglitsky E.V., Antsiferov P.S., Dricker M.N., Mandelstam S.L., Panin A.M. \\Spectra of H-like Cu, Zn, and Ga -Opt.Commun.__1985, v.55, No.2, p.97-98

3. Aglitsky E.V., Antsiferov P.S., Koshelev K.N., Panin A.M. \\Spectroscopic possibilities of the low-inductance vacuum spark -Sov.J.Plasma Phys.__1986, v.12, No.10, p.683-685

4. Aglitsky E.V., Antsiferov P.S., Mandelstam S.L., Panin A.M., Safronova U.I., Ulitin S.A., Vainshtein L.A. \\Comparison of calculated and measured wavelengths of resonance transition in He-like ions for Z=16-39 -Phys.Scripta__1988, v.38, No.2, p.136-142

5. Antsiferov P.S., Koshelev K.N., Kramida A.E., Panin A.M. \\Two regimes of micropinching in a low-inductance vacuum spark -J.Phys.D__1989, v.22, p.1073-1077

6. Antsiferov P.S., Movshev V.G. \\Status of the EBIT project at the Institute of Spectroscopy -Z.Phys.D__1991, v.21, p.317-318

7. Antsiferov P.S., Rosmej F.B., Rosmej O.N., Schmidt H., Schulz D., Schulz A. \\X-ray diagnostics of plasma focus DPF-78 discharge with heavy-gas admixtures -J.Appl.Phys.__1995, v.77, No.10, p.4973-4978

8. Antsiferov P.S. \\The measurement of the shifts of X-ray characteristic lines of iron in the vaporous state. -Opt.Spectrosc.__1996, v.81, No.5, p.645-647

9. Antsiferov P.S. \\Linewidth measurement under poor spectral resolution -JQSRT__1996, v.55, No.1, p.149-150

10. Antsiferov P.S. \\Characteristic K X-ray lines emitted by metallic vapours -JQSRT__1997, v.58, No.1, p.67-74

11. Koshelev K.N., Antsiferov P.S., Dorokhin L.A., Sidelnikov Yu.V. \\Stimulated VUV radiation from Z-pinch necks -4th Int.Conf.Dense Z-Pin*__1997, p.303-306

12. Antsiferov P.S. \\The X-ray characteristic L-spectrum of Sn, emitted by metallic vapour -Phys.Scripta__1998, v.57, No.3, p.330-333

13. Antsiferov P.S., Dorokhin L.A., Khautiev E.Yu., Sidelnikov Yu.V., Glushkov D.A., Lugovenko I.V., Koshelev K.N. \\Dynamics of a plasma in a capillary discharge driven by a plasma focus operated in the mode of a plasma switch opening -J.Phys.D__1998, v.31, No.16, p.2013-2017

14. Antsiferov P.S. \\X-ray M spectra of free lead and bismuth atoms -Opt.Spectrosc.__1999, v.86, No.6, p.868-870

15. Antsiferov P.S., Churilov S.S. \\The X-ray characteristic L-beta 2,L-15 line of free molybdenum atoms -J.Phys.B__2000, v.33, No.24, p.5581-5584

16. Antsiferov P.S., Churilov S.S., Dorokhin L.A., Koshelev K.N., Nazarenko A.V., Sidelnikov Yu.V. \\Analysis of high resolution Ar IX spectrum, excited in fast capillary discharge -Phys.Scripta__2000, v.62, No.2&3, p.127-131

17. Antsiferov P.S. \\Shifts of x-ray characteristic L lines of free atoms of rare-earth metals -Opt.Spectrosc.__2001, v.90, No.1, p.21-23

18. Antsiferov P.S., Ralchenko Y.V. \\Measurement and interpretation of the low-energy wing of Fe K beta(1,3) characteristic X-ray line -JQSRT__2001, v.69, No.1, p.103-106

19. Koshelev K.N., Antsiferov P.S., Dorokhin L.A., Nazarenko A.V., Sidelnikov Yu.V., Glushkov D.A. \\Observation of ASE effect for Ne-like Ar in a capillary discharge driven by inductive storage with plasma erosion opening switch -J.Physique IV__2001, v.11, No.2, p.119-122

20. Antsiferov P.S., Churilov S.S. \\Study of Ar ions K beta profile with the help of an Electron Beam Ion Trap -Phys.Scripta__2001, v.64, p.292-294

21. Antsiferov P.S. \\Numerical modelling of explicitly time-dependent quantum systems with delta-potentials -European J.Phys.__2001, v.22, No.6, p.623-628

22. Ryabtsev A.N., Antsiferov P.S., Nazarenko A.V., Churilov S.S., Brillet Wan-U.L., Wyart J.-F. \\Analysis of the spectrum of the Pd I-like xenon (Xe IX) and extended interpretation of the Sb VI, Te VII and I VIII spectra -J.Physique IV__2001, v.11, No.2, p.317-319

23. Antsiferov P.S. \\The characteristic X-ray spectra of free atoms of metals -Centr.European J.Phys.__2003, v.1, No.2, p.268-288

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25. Antsiferov P.S. \\The natural profile of the transitions originating the autoionization states -JQSRT__2003, v.78, No.3&4, p.463-470

26. Antsiferov P.S. \\Correlation of the energies of photons emitted in cascade transitions. - Opt.Spectrosc., 2004, v.96, No.2, p.265-267.

27. Nazarenko A.V., Antsiferov P.S., Dorokhin L.A., Koshelev K.N. \\Evolution of a capillary discharge induced by a semiconductor current generator. - Plasma Phys.Reports, 2004, v.30, No.3, p.249-254.

28. Antsiferov P.S., Dorokhin L.A., Koshelev K.N., Nazarenko A.V. \\Axially inhomogeneous plasma in fast discharges for creation of population inversion in soft x-ray region. - J.Phys.D, 2004, v.37, No.18, p.2527-2530.

29. Antsiferov P.S., Dorokhin L.A., Koshelev K.N., Mednikov L.S., Nazarenko A.V. \\Specific features of the intensity alternation in different orders of a grazing-incidence diffraction grating. - Opt.Spectrosc., 2006, v.101, No.3, p.470-472.

30. Ivanov V.V., Antsiferov P.S., Koshelev K.N., Akdim M.R., Bijkerk F. \\Numerical simulation of the creation of a hollow neutral-hydrogen channel by an electron beam - art. no. 205007. - Phys.Rev.Lett., 2006, v.97, No.20, p.5007.

31. Antsiferov P.S., Akdim M.R., Van Dam H.T. \\Direct measurement of the matched spot size in a slow capillary discharge optical waveguide - art. no. 123107. - Rev.Sci.Instrum., 2007, v.78, No.12, p.3107.

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