Bibliography database on atomic spectra

created by A.E.Kramida and maintained by A.N.Ryabtsev, G.V.Vedeneeva, and E.Ya.Kononov
at the Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences,
since 1987.
Last update: September 2022.



    A data bank BIBL containing bibliography on atomic data for plasma physics, atomic physics, astrophysics etc. is being developed at the Institute of Spectroscopy since 1987. The bibliographic information is supplemented by abstracts of papers and search keywords

    The topics covered by BIBL are:

    The bibliography related to experimental and theoretical papers on identification and prediction of atomic and ionic structure should be complete from 1983, the year of the last issue of NBS Special Publication "Bibliography on Atomic Energy Levels and Spectra", but the experimental spectrum analysis can be traced back to about 1970. On the other topics, it is systematically maintained since 1989. Since 1995, the commercial database "Current Contents" is used for this purpose, with a corresponding software for transforming the found articles into the BIBL format.
    The on-line network access to the database has been implemented in Jan. 1998. The current version of the network interface does not permit to have an access to all features of the database, e.g. to authors personal data. Users may experience some serious limitations due to our slow network connection with the World. We update our base several times a year. Thus we recommend our permanent users to read this window from time to time and download the last version of the whole database, as new updates become available.

Description of the last version of the database package and instructions how to  DOWNLOAD the database are in the README file